• Car Doctor

    The Port Orange Car Doctor Is In!!! Here to service all of your mechanical needs!

  • Port Orange Mechanics

    At The Port Orange Car Doctor we are always busy, but we have the room for you! Our mechanics are on the job Monday through Friday, 5 days a week!

  • Hamid

    The Car Doctor Himself! With 30 years of experience in automotive mechanics, no wonder He's been nicknamed the Car Doctor!

  • Family Owned and Operated

    Like Father, Like Son!!!! The Port Orange Car Doctor is a family owned and operated business.

  • Low Prices

    Our staff of seasoned mechanics specialize in giving your automobile the attention it needs. Give yourself a "brake" and come on in or give us a call!


Complete Engine Jobs

At The Port Orange Car Doctor we do complete engine jobs on any foreign or domestic automobile. It doesn't matter if it's a classic or an up to date model, we can get your car running again.So have no fear because the Doctor is here!

Complete A.C.

No one likes to drive in the heat in Florida without a cool running air conditioner. At The Port Orange Car Doctor we do complete air jobs along with recovery and refrigerant charges. Get your air conditioning for your automobile ice cold and beat the heat!


Complete Front End

At The Port Orange Car Doctor our certified mechanics can get your front end in shape in no time. Complete front end jobs are one of our specialties!

Complete Rear end

At The Port Orange Car Doctor we can't forget about complete rear end automotive work. If you want it done right and cost effective then give us a call or stop on by today!


Complete Transfer Case

At The Port Orange Car Doctor we do complete transfer case work on any model that needs the work done. With our experience we can have you back on the road in no time!

Complete Transmission

A good transmission mechanic used to be a hard thing to find. But not anymore because you have come to the right place! If your transmission needs to be repaired, replaced or rebuilt then we would love to help you.


About Us

The Car Doctor of Port Orange is convieniently located at 4711 S. Ridgewood Ave. in Port Orange Florida. With 30 years experience as a mechanic and a family owned and operated business, The Car Doctor is the automotive mechanic for you.

Why Choose Us

Our mechanics are certified in foreign and domestic automotive repair. We have the certifications, the know how and the experience to bring you fast, reliable and dependable service when dealing with your automotive mechanical needs.

Brakes, oil changes, tune ups and complete jobs are our business. Our diagnostics help identify your problems and take us straight to the source of your mechanical needs.

Hamid Khosravani - Owner The Car Doctor



Here is the shop at work on certain areas of automotive mechanics that we work on. Go ahead and take a look at the boys in action.


Our Skills

Just to get a better understanding of The Port Orange Car Doctors' credentials and our skills at mechanical work here are our areas of certification and expertise.


Our Products

At the Port Orange Car Doctor we use a variety of products and tools. We keep current with diagnostics and the latest in technology for your automotive repair. Here are some images and products that we use to insure a better fix for you and your problems.

  • Altoids
  • General Electric
  • Orbit
  • Skittles
  • Jameson
  • Juicy Fruit
  • Microsoft
  • A&E
  • Zynga
  • Smuin
  • Westfield